TÖMER Course

TÖMER is one of the most creditable certificates in Turkish language proficiency; it is a must to study in universities of Turkey. TÖMER is the abbreviated term for Turkish learning center. 

It has the same importance as TOEFL and IELTS to enter universities in Turkey and study.

Exam Format

TÖMER exam consists of different sections, each with minimum and maximum scores:

● Listening: 15-25
● Reading: 15-25
● Speaking: 9-15
● Language Production: 6-10
● Writing: 15-25
● TOTAL: 60-100

Students can either get TÖMER certificate-available in all levels and valid for 2 years or TÖMER diploma having full proficiency in Turkish and valid a lifetime.

Students can participate in TÖMER prep courses at ITTC’s International Exam Prep College that benefits from Both Native Turkish speakers and Iranian professional teachers using reliable sources of teaching.

Besides, learners can apply for residence permit of Turkey via studying at ITTC, and learn Turkish faster while living in Turkey, and prepare for next levels of education or working in this country.